Create a super usable interface for different types of clients. Keeping in mind, that the system is made for all client’s segments (entrepreneurs and large corporates), it becomes a real challenge. Rosbank needs your assistance in order to develop universal and adjustable solution.

Prize: 1 place – 100.000 Rub

Description (ENG)

Adaptive interface based on client's segmentation in distant channels Inputs: A.) We have several segments in the database

B.) In major qty cases each segment is interested in certain set of services

C.) Almost in all banking application there is no opportunity in displaying dedicated blocks depending on client segments. As of now in current banking application we have mechanics of block displaying in case of certain products existing. E.g., in case of absence of other currency accounts, block "currency" is not displaying in the menu.

What we would like to see on user's end:

  1. Different content based on the segement. For each segment should be displayed own set of blocks. Each user should have initial set of blocks defined by the bank for the certain segment.

What we would like to see our our end (bank side):

  1. Admin page, which allow to set up initial menu for the certain segment;
  2. On bank end should be opportunity of agile setup of few templates within each segments for different type of clients (clients with different kind of businesses). Choosing of the certain template within the segment can be done based on the following mechanics:
  3. Clients should have an opportunity to input changes by the whole blocks, e.g. whole block "currency" adding/deleting.