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Data Governance is the concept that allows the user not to be lost in a variety of information flows and use the data as efficiently as possible. You should come up with architecture, interface and functionality of the DG tool

Prize: 1 place – 100.000 Rub

Full Description (in English)


Leading companies consider data as an asset. Gartner studies demonstrate a growing demand for data management, structuring and control tools. Data Government tools are positioned as a solution to these problems. Experts in this field are in great demand, because large companies are actively developing such tools.

But what exactly does Data Governance mean? What functions should we have in particular? The answer is nontrivial and leaves room for creative realization.

The task is to figure out how to make an effective and convenient environment for data analysts, data owners and engineers in one tool. We expect from the participants original ideas in this direction. And of course, we encourage prototyping at least one of them.

Diving deeper

There is Data Office in the company. It is engaged in creation of a single data warehouse for analytical tasks (Data Lake), analytical reporting, and analytical tasks.

What’s at hand: